Why you Need Not Worry about CBD Getting you High?

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Hemp CBD
Hemp CBD
Hemp CBD

Among all the questions raised about CBD products, one that people ask frequently is whether CBD will get you high. The answer is a simple no. There is no way CBD is going to get you high and it is not what CBD intends to do. CBD is not an intoxicant and it is used solely for medicinal purposes.

CBD is a cannabinoid obtained from the hemp plant, which belongs to the family of Cannabis sativa plants. Marijuana also belongs to the same family of plants and this is where doubts on CBD getting you high are rooted. Use of marijuana, without doubt gets you high and this is due to the presence of the intoxicating chemical compound THC in it. Marijuana contains about 30% and more THC but the content of THC in hemp CBD is as low as 0.3%.

What Inflicts the Wrong Idea in the Minds of People?

CBD is obtained from marijuana plant also but it is not same as the hemp derived CBD due to the higher levels of THC in it. The law has legalized hemp CBD only and the legalization was done considering the fact that there is only minimal level of THC in it. The possibility that CBD can be derived from marijuana plant also, plants the seed of doubt in people’s minds about CBD taking you high.

What Effect Does CBD Consumption Have in Our Bodies?

CBD products are available in different forms like CBD tinctures, CBD balm, CBD lotions, and CBD oils. Each product differs in its form of usage and the effect. Popular one among the CBD product is CBD oil, which is taken orally or added to drinks and foods.

When the CBD intake is in high concentration, it can produce an uplifting effect and do not mistake this as a high. Taking CBD in excess quantities may sometimes produce side effects like nausea and this will not produce an uplifting experience.

Health Benefits of CBD

CBD helps in relieving inflammation and pain and aids in reducing the symptoms of anxiety and depression. In people with epilepsy CBD use help in reducing the frequency and severity of seizures. Doctors have discovered that CBD has the potential to be useful in the treatment of schizophrenia.

Worrying that CBD usage will get you high and make you addicted is unwanted. Till date, no concrete evidence proving this doubt to be true has been found. However, evidence for the medical benefits of CBD usage is available in plenty.