Can You Ever Take Too Much Of CBD?

Benefits Of CBD Oil
Benefits Of CBD Oil
CBD Dosage Calculator
CBD Dosage Calculator

CBD has been the reason to celebrate for many of us who wanted a single solution for all of our minor wellness woes. While advanced medical sciences has made a mark, we cannot completely negate the multiple CBD benefits that has helped millions over the past couple decades. Now with the legalisation of the famed drug in many countries, it is expected that that number grows, exponentially!

With all of the things that we know CBD can help you out with, you would be fooling yourself if the thought never crossed your mind as to whether you can ever overdose on CBD? You might be using a CBD dosage calculator to find the amount you need as per your physical parameter, but what if you strayed further?

A little too much of anything can fatally harm you, irrespective of how essential to living it is. Too much focus on your career and passion means that family and loved ones take a back seat; a glass of water to quench your parched throat on a summer day is bliss but 8 litres of it and you will be fighting for your life as a result of water intoxication!

CBD is not excused from this brutal truth of life either!

CBD Is Safe…But To What Degree?

Let us not forget the obvious: CBD is safe to use. Even the World Health Organization vouches for the excellent side effects profile that hemp derived CBD has in store. CBD is therapeutic and the chances of toxins being in there can be blamed solely on the CBD manufacturer. However in certain situation CBD has turned Toxic, such as high heat can render it unsafe. What is reassuring is that no one has fallen victim to this, and there have been no recorded fatalities from consuming ‘heated’ CBD, if you must say.

How Much Is Too Much?

That depends on the way in which you take CBD in. CBD infused edibles take a lot longer, as they are broken down in the digestive tracts and also undergo metabolism in the liver which further reduces its effectiveness. Tinctures and CBD oils are more effective in terms of bioavailability; these are absorbed into the blood stream sublingually and the effects are more rapid.

Some of the physical reactions that you will undergo when having an unusually high amount of CBD include appetite changes, dizziness, lethargy, and anxiety among others. If you do manage to put yourself in such a spot, it is advised that you head over to the hospital as soon as possible. Just to be on the safer side!